Who We Are
The Company

In 1961, 58 years ago, the company was founded by John Dalkafoukis, in Northern Greece, in the city of Thessaloniki. The company’s primary objective was the processing and marketing of building materials and pumice. In 2004, 45 years later, the second generation, founded the company Dalkafouki House LTD, marking the vision of
Maria Dalkafouki and Aris Mikrou, to combine the long-term activity of the company with their love for culture and the preservation of our cultural and architectural heritage. In 2015, the third generation George and Joanna Mikrou are staffing the two existing companies by developing new ideas and creating new segments, combining once again the history of the company with their personal touch.

Who we are

We are our principles.

Respect for heritage and tradition, excellent quality products, continuous contact with people in every project, ecological awareness and sensitivity, continuous development and modernization.

The reason is simple: we feel the honor and the responsibility that comes in  our involvement with so many important projects throughout the country. The respect and the attention we owe to the uniqueness of each building or structure, is for us a non-negotiable value and pivotal difference in our overall approach as a company.

Our facilities

Our company is located in a private area of 13 acres, in the area of Nea Ionia,Thessaloniki. Our facilities include, enclosed and open product storages and processing areas and packing materials. Our office is a comfortable multipurpose space that perfectly meets our philosophy. It includes offices, a specially designed training center, showroom, meeting room, a room where our partners can work and a new applications and projects designing room.

For the reconstruction, were used, both during construction and upon completion, most of our range of products (Ecological materials, structural styles, special paints). Our guests, clients or partners have the opportunity to see up close applications rather than on samples but on large surfaces where the final result is seen.

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